Video: Spiral Stairs, ‘Emoshuns’

Spiral Stairs
Spiral Stairs

Last decade, during Pavement’s period of inactivity, many a fan of the indie-rock luminaries matriculated to the work of Steven Malkmus’ Jicks and/or Spiral Stairs’ Preston School of Industry, both of which released albums with the Stockton heroes’ DNA. Spiral Stairs — aka guitarist Scott Kannberg — had two full-lengths with PSOI before 2009’s “The Real Feel” under his stage name. By and large, all show flashes of his unassuming brilliance. Spiral Stairs’ “Doris & the Daggers” comes eight years later, after Kannberg and his wife moved to Australia, became parents, spent time “tending my garden” and then moved back to L.A. The album features appearance from The National’s Matt Berninger, Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and Justin Peroff, Kelley Stoltz and Shudder To Think’s Adam Wade. Kannberg’s guitar-driven slices of life get into your head, root around there finding some common ground and ultimately put a smile on your face. Director Joe Salinas’ video for “Emoshuns,” which features Jason Andres and Larry Bergin, is at the very least perfect for the spin cycle.

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