Coachella 2017: Ten things you need to know about Weekend 2

Coachella 2017, from above (Photo by Andrew Jorgenson, courtesy of Coachella)
Coachella 2017, from above (Photo by Andrew Jorgenson, courtesy of Coachella)

If it’s like the past couple of years, Weekend 2 of Coachella promises to be less frenetic than the opener. Still, Second Wavers should gird their bodies (especially legs and feet) for a bigger, though not necessarily better, experience in the desert.

Set times are not much changed from Weekend 1: Find them here.

Between our two Buzz Bands LA correspondents, we caught all or parts of 63 sets during Weekend 1.

Here are our daily diaries:

Now for abridged version:

Ten Things You Need to Know About Coachella Weekend 2

Prepare to walk

Coachella has expanded its footprint by 40-plus acres, and if that sounds like a lot, it is — especially if you try to hop between the two outdoor stages or hoof it from from the main Coachella stage to either the Gobi Tent or the new Sonora Tent. The Outdoor Theatre and Mojave and Gobi tents have been moved east, and no longer is it a quick hop from the Sahara to the Gobi/Mohave. And the Sonora? By Day 2, you’ll wish Coachella had a tram.

Allow for traffic jams

We’re talking about foot traffic here. Because most of the later sets at the main stage and Outdoor Theatre no longer overlap, there are mass migrations between the two. Worst was Saturday night, when DJ Snake’s massive crowd headed west for Lady Gaga.

Don’t miss the big stuff

All three headliners — Radiohead, Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar — delivered. Among the sub-headliners, Hans Zimmer’s turn at the Outdoor Theatre was transcendent; how great was it to hear people go apesh*t for a cello? Top 5 other big deals: Empire of the Sun and Big Gigantic on Friday in the Sahara; Lorde on Sunday on the main stage; Bon Iver on Saturday on the main stage; Galantis on Sunday in the Sahara. Among the headier tent experiences, Nicolas Jaar, New Order, Joseph, the Lemon Twigs, Car Seat Headrest, Warpaint and Bishop Briggs stood out.

Make time for the Sonora Tent

It’s located just to the right, or southeast, of the Ferris wheel as you enter the festival. It’s air-conditioned and has couches. It also has rock bands. It wasn’t terribly crowded all weekend except for certain sets (props, Allah-Las), and it’s the place you can catch veteran bands Guided By Voices and T.S.O.L. and youngsters like Thee Commons, Downtown Boys, Twin Peaks, Shannon & the Clams and Tall Juan. You might fall in love with Thee Commons’ pink gorilla.

If you’re feeling buzzed …

The Antarctica Dome, with its 3D visuals, will take you somewhere. When you walk back outside, you’ll still be at Coachella.

Getting there

The shuttles remain the best bet for no-fuss transportation to and from the festival. The Uber surcharges are obscene (we rescued two friends who were quoted $137 from the festival to Palm Desert on Friday night). And if you drive, avoid Lot 1B (multiple reports of terrible congestion trying to exit it on Weekend 1). Lot 2A seemed much friendlier, although you have to have your bag checked twice if you enter the festival there because the walking path takes you through one of the campgrounds.

For a different kind of drinking experience

There’s a semi-secret tiki bar on the grounds, nestled in the craft beer area. DoLA checked it out.

For your dining pleasure

Foodie-ism abounds now at Coachella, but not having been blessed with any VIP privileges, the tastiest bite we had all weekend were the tacos at Jalapajar (located on the Boardwalk), which beat the $13 cheeseburgers you wash down with $10 draft beers. The serviceable paella came in portions large enough to share.

Safeguard your possessions

By now, you might have seen the report of the New York man arrested and charged with having pilfered 100 phones on the Coachella grounds. Smartest strategy we spotted all week were the people who wore their phones/credit card/ID in a pouch on a lanyard around their necks.

And those … er … bathroom breaks

The comfy cool of the Sonora Tent has a certain effect on some, especially if a lot of water has been consumed. There are no restrooms conveniently located near it.