Photos: Blossoms and Arkells at the Echo

Blossoms at the Echo (Photo by Jessica Hanley
Blossoms at the Echo (Photo by Jessica Hanley

U.K. garage-pop darlings Blossoms showed why they were one of the highly touted “fine-print” bands at Coachella, headlining a festival add-on show at the Echo on Tuesday night that saw them play all but one cut off their self-titled debut album that came out in August.

During “My Favourite Room,” lead singer Tom Ogden asked the crowd if anyone had been dumped recently. A woman in the crowd named Abby, raised her hand and said she had been dumped by a person named John. Ogden and the band then performed “My Favorite Room,” changing up the lyrics to include the names Abby and John. The quintet capped the show with their most popular single “Charlemagne.”

Fellow Coachella performers (the two bands play back-to-back early Saturday afternoon at the Outdoor Theatre) Arkells preceded Blossoms with a set heavy on songs from last year’s full-length “Morning Report.” L.A.’s Wilderado opened the night.

Blossoms setlist: At Most A Kiss, Texia, Blow, Getaway, Smashed Pianos, Honey Sweet, Across the Moor, Blown Rose, My Favourite Room, Cut Me and I’ll Bleed, Deep Grass, Charlemagne.

Photos by Jessica Hanley