Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Indie FM

The Independent FM

I have returned from the desert (and am forgoing attending Coachella Weekend 2), so it’s back to the weekly ritual — which mean the Buzz Bands LA Show, which kicks off at 11 a.m. today on The Independent FM. Today’s show is packed with new music, including songs from Blond Ambition, Pr0files, Brass Box, Thee Commons, Kendrick Lamar, GospelbeacH, Harriet Brown, Gothic Tropic, Old Man Saxon, Lauren Ruth Ward, Dream Club, Rows, Bedouine and Vex Ruffin. Click here to tune in at 11; find an archive of the show and the playlist below.

Listen to “Buzz Bands LA – Indie FM – April 21” on Spreaker.


Blond Ambition, “House of Reason”
Brightener, “Help U Better Then”
Froth, Passing”
Goon, “Camme At Night”
Brass Box, “Moonlight Desires”
Yume, “I Don’t Belong Here (And Neither Do You)”
Thee Commons, “Work It Out”
Save Ferris, “New Sound”
Quitapenas, “Ya Veran”
The Buttertones, “Matador”
Kendrick Lamar, “Loyalty (feat. Rihanna)”
Harriet Brown, “Paralyzed”
Vex Ruffin, “Front”
Old Man Saxon, “Sunday Saxon”
Orchin, “Ego Deathbed”
Draemings, “Fire in Hell”
Tashaki Miyaki, “Girls on TV”
Cuco, “Lava Lamp”
Pr0files, “Money”
Shannon Inouye, “Holidays”
Cones, “Echoes On”
Lost Beach, Nightbreak”
Cody Crump, “Friendzone”
Gothic Tropic, “Major”
GospelbeacH, “You’re Already Home”
Dream Club, “California Dream or the Head-Trip Scene”
KOLARS, “Bullet on the Run”
Lauren Ruth Ward, “Did I Offend You”
Rows, “New Heart”
Irontom, “Brain Go”
The Relationship, “Break Me Open”
Bedouine, “Dusty Eyes”