Video premiere: The 131ers, ‘Face On’

The 131ers
The 131ers

There’s an innate joy in dancing, and watching people dance. Even (especially?) if it’s awkward dancing. So feel free to cut loose with the friends and family of Torrance quartet the 131ers during their new video for the funky-fresh single “Face On.” The 131ers are singer-guitarist Kaleb Davies, bassist Chris Graue, guitarist Greg Wilmot and drummer Ryan Dawson, who describe themselves as “best friends, college dropouts and mildly obsessed with Daisy Ridley. Well, Kaleb is anyway.”

They also are DIYers; the band records, throws parties and makes its videos in their own studio in a South Bay warehouse space, and the video for the “Face On,” a digital single produced by Ryland Steen (ex-Reel Big Fish, current touring drummer for America) that will appear on a full-length later this year, was made by Graue at one of their parties. It marks the debut in the band for Wilmot, who gained YouTube fame as star of the video game channel “The Completionist.” Among those making cameos int he video: ex-KROQ DJ Jimmy Alvarez, Vince Walker and Tim Maurer of Suburban Legends, Weathers lead singer Cameron Boyers and Rokko the Moopet, fresh from his appearance in the 2011 Muppets film. So move if you must, and however you want. There’s probably nobody filming.

||| Watch: The video for “Face On”

||| Live: The 131ers play May 19 at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, along with Wetwood Smokes, Lauren Ruth Ward and the Jacks. Tickets.