Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 66)

Photo by Frank McKenna via
Photo by Frank McKenna via

The sun, and that extra day of freedom last weekend, really did some of us in. It seduced us into playing a lot of that thing we call baseball instead of bringing you the hits — but never fear because karma did us in and this week we bring you double the pleasure. Enjoy Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 66) safely indoors and away from dangerous physical activity. You will find our player below and links to our recent posts underneath that.

||| Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 66)

Francisco the Man, ”I’ll Feel Better”
Precious Kid, ”Dirty Disposition”
Isle & Fever, ”Keep Workin”
Incan Abraham, ”Arabian Cane”
Drinker, “Which Way Is South”
Cassorla, “What Kind of Man Am I”
Former Faces, ‘Back Up A Minute”
The Fuzzy Crystals, ”The King Is Dead”
Joel Jerome, ”Strawberry Feels”
The Parson Red Heads, ”Coming Down”
Miner, ”A Morning Song”
The Put Off, “Peak”
Twin Seas, “Surf Wave”
Punch Punch Kick, ”Licking My Wounds”
DOT, “Gravity”
Mike Edge, “I’ve Got Time”

Covered but not available on Soundcloud:

Kevin Morby, “1234”
Angelo De Augustine, “Truly Gone”
Brainstory, ”Fruitless Trees”
Beck Black, ”Red Dog”
Sarah Chernoff, ”Markings on You”
POLLA, “Miles”
Lo Moon, ”This Is It”
Arcade Fire, ”Everything Now”

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