Stream: Kevin Morby, ‘1234’

Kevin Morby (Photo by Adarsha Benjamin)
Kevin Morby (Photo by Adarsha Benjamin)

Kevin Morby’s new album “City Music” (out June 16), has been described as a “love letter” to the cities where the singer-songwriter has left a piece of his heart. New York is prominent among them, and the new song “1234” blatantly calls out the Ramones by name, so any subtly in the tribute is lost there. The song finds Morby returning to a rougher and speedier style of play, not unlike his days with The Babies, and keeps the track short and sweet just like the pioneering American punk band. The title, of course, is a eference to Dee Dee Ramone‚Äôs preferred way to start a song. Clocking in at under 2 minutes, it’s the third teaser song off “City Music,” conceived as a companion album to last year’s third Morby solo album “Singing Saw.”

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