Photos: WATERS at the Roxy

WATERS at the Roxy (Photo by Jessica Hanley)
WATERS at the Roxy (Photo by Jessica Hanley)

WATERS had flowers for the crowd on Thursday night at the Roxy Theatre, and then they had “Something More!” — a bouquet of crunchy, jubilant pop-rock. The occasion was the record-release party for the album of that title, and with the crowd shouting out to keyboardist Sara DeMert and drummer Andrew Wales, frontman Van Pierszalowski worked himself into a lather, finally shucking his jacket after the fourth song.

NVDES preceded the headliners with a dance-friendly set including songs from their “Life With Lobsters” EP, saluting Pride Month before playing their song “I Want To Make Out at the Gay Club.”

Fast Friends opened the night.

Photos by Jessica Hanley

WATERS setlist: Hypocritical, Molly Is a Babe, What’s Real, You Don’t Know What You Want, Second Guessing, Something More, Modern Dilemma, O Holy Break Of Day, Mom and Dads, Hiccups, Stand By You // Encore: Got To My Head, I Feel Everything