Premiere: Triptides, ‘Rewind’


On their 2015 album “Azur,” L.A.-via-Indiana quartet Triptides continued to embrace the musical lineage of the Byrds — especially the heavenly, chiming guitars and gravity-defying vocals. “Afterglow,” the band’s fifth album, refines those elements, keeping the music distinctly Californian. Beach-blanket psych-pop, if you will.

“We consider ‘Afterglow’ our most fully fledged production to date,” says Glenn Brigman, who started with the band in Bloomington, Indiana, with fellow singer-guitarist Josh Menashe, with the duo now joined by bassist Dylan Sizemore and drummer and Shaughnessy Starr. “We experimented with combining several different elements of psychedelic music while still focusing on the craft of songwriting. … We try to make each song as full and lush and possible without over producing them. Using analog tape machines definitely helps us limit the amount of tracks and overdubs we do while encouraging us to make every track as essential to the song as possible.”

Sixties Kids (and inheritors of that vibe) will love the lush new single “Rewind,” a veritable postcard from 1966, which glides along on 12-string guitar and Mellotron flutes. “‘Rewind’ started as a folky sing-along type of pop tune, the kind of song you can sit down and strum out on an acoustic guitar around a campfire,” Brigman says. “The magic of recording is when this sort of campfire song can be turned into a trippy, Byrdsian pop nugget with the help of carefully chosen instrumentation, vocal arrangement and production techniques.

“When Josh added the 12-string electric guitar to the recording the track immediately shone with a mid-’60s brilliance. I added Mellotron flutes to give it a soft, psychedelic U.K. feel like something off of ‘Magical Mystery Tour.’”

“Afterglow” is out Friday via the French label Requiem Pour Un Twister.

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