Stream: Liam Gallagher, ‘Chinatown’

Liam Gallagher (Photo by RANKIN)
Liam Gallagher (Photo by RANKIN)

“Happiness is still a warm gun,” Liam Gallagher sings in his new single “Chinatown,” the second strong single he has released from his forthcoming solo album, “As You Were” (coming Oct. 6). The psych-pop ballad, which follows the rager of a first single “Wall of Glass,” contemplates how little things have changed since the era that shaped Gallagher’s musical milieu, the ’60s and ’70s. Director Charlie Lightening’s lyric video for the song, shot in part in London’s Chinatown, touches on the “Stand with Manchester” theme. Gallagher will be touring the U.S. in November (his band includes guitarists Jay Mehler and Mike Moore, keyboardist Christian Madden, bassist Drew McConnell and drummer Dan McDougall), but as of now the only chance to see the co-founder of Oasis in Southern California will be at the Cal Jam in San Bernardino on Oct. 7.

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