Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Indie FM

The Independent FM

Join me at 11 a.m. on The Independent FM for this week’s Buzz Bands LA Show, with new music from Haunted Summer, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Wildling, Dustin Lovelis, Lo Tom, Christopher Hawley, the Luxembourg Signal and Sextile, along with recent faves by Coastal Clouds, New Mystics, Blond Ambition, Lone Kodiak, Saro and Wolf Woodcock. There’s music from people you can see this weekend too, such as HOTT MT, Milo Greene and WATERS, along with something a little different from Mondo Cozmo. Open thine ears.

Click here to stream the show at 11; below, an archive of the program and the playlist

Coastal Clouds, “Wanna Come Down”
The Luxembourg Signal, “Laura Palmer”
Wildling, “Leavin'”
Umm, “I’m in Love”
New Mystics, “Rebels”
Lone Kodiak, “Calm Down”
Haunted Summer, “Every Step”
Blond Ambition, “Houses of Reason”
Milo Greene, “We Kept the Lights On”
Dustin Lovelis, “Tompkinsville”
Mondo Cozmo, “Automatic” (remix)
Sextile, “One of These”
Lo Tom, “Find the Shrine”
HOTT MT, “Queen of Shapes”
Charlie Limousine, “Charity Case”
Drinker, “Which Way Is South”
Gothic Tropic, “Major”
MAP, “The Opposite of Fear”
Ramonda Hammer, “Bender”
Warbly Jets, “The Lowdown”
Moby & the Pacific Void Choir, “There’s Nothing Wrong With the World There’s Something Wrong With Me”
The Paranoyds, “Freakout”
Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, “Til I Got Your Love”
Christopher Hawley, “Sidewalks & Bars”
Hunny, “Shy”
Rad Horror, “Sad Boy”
Wand, “Plum”
Wolf Woodcock, “Terrible”
Of the Dark I Dare, “Sleeping Bodies”
Saro, “Sky Doesn’t Blue”
Manhattan Murder Mystery, “Dumb”
Thee Commons, “Milk and Honey”
WATERS, “Hypocritical”