Ears Wide Open: Charlie Limousine

Charlie Limousine
Charlie Limousine

Charlie Limousine are a collective of steady musical hands who’ve been playing together for six-plus years and are known for their raucous New Year’s Eve shows at the Mojave Desert roadhouse The Palms in Wonder Valley. Their finely honed music is comfort food for classic-rock appetites — led by a rotating cast of vocalists, the Limousine transports you to the heyday of artists whose craft were tasteful arrangements and easy melodies. It’s a blast to play “hear the echoes” with the band’s full-length “Palms Ready,” which was released Friday. “Reminds me of Aimee Mann or Cyndi Lauper!” (“Charity Case”) “Reminds me of The Band or Robbie Robertson!” (“Maybe Next Time”) “Three Dog Night!” (“Cartagena”). And so on, but what fun. The players are the project are Melissa Brough (accordion, vocals), Matt Eckel (guitar, vocals), Rebecca Fishman (vocals), Ryan Harrison (guitar, piano, vocals), Matt Hayes (drums), Dave “Mustang” Lang (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Dan Silk (bass). “Palms Ready” was made with producer Jason Soda (Everest, GospelbeacH) at Palomino Sound. With Eckel having moved out of state, Charlie Limousine’s live gigs will be far between, but they will convene to formally celebrate the album release in November.

||| Stream: “Charity Case,” “Infinite Sunset” and “Do You Ever Wonder?” Or stream the whole album on Bandcamp

||| Live: Charlie Limousine play Nov. 10 at the Barkley in South Pasadena (1400 Huntington Dr.)