Ears Wide Open: LEAN


LEAN are the latest case of two session musicians/studio hands/hired guns partnering up to forge something of their own. The duo — Stephen Johnson and Kyle McCammon — have worked with artists such as Banks, Sam Dew, Doe Paoro, Ofelia K and Josiah & the Bonnevilles, and their first song, “Lucid Dreams” found its way onto the TV comedy “Search Party” last year. Their new single “Come Back” belies its facade of indie-pop insouciance; it’s a dart aimed at a poison person. “You live in a world that you built yourself / Where you can pretend that you’re someone else,” the song begins, with the narrator later asserting “I need to get you out of my life” … before suggesting that the real problem might not be external. “Who am I kidding? / I’m still the king of self-obsession” — does that sound like anybody you know, L.A.? Director Clara Moutone’s video for the song hits home if you’ve ever engaged in / become disenfranchised by the party life. LEAN are working on a full-length.

||| Stream: “Come Back” and “Lucid Dreams”

||| Also: Watch the video for the song