Video premiere: BONAVEGA, ‘I Know You Want My Love’


BONAVEGA, the solo project of Branden Wilbarger, trades in theatrical disco that’s saucy and subversive, the kind of music that throws its voluminous mane of hair at religious and societal conventions while making for a good time on the dance floor too. Early this year, BONAVEGA released a four-song EP, “Auto Body Fixation” (taking on “Hollywood big-shots in the single “Beautiful People”), and April’s follow-up single “I Know You Want My Love” oozes sexy in a completely Studio 54 way. Director Ted Stewart’s video for the single sports a homoerotic vibe, as a robot manservant (played by BONAVEGA) develops a thing for his maker (played by Andrew Preston) only to find the guy has a girlfriend (Adina Love). The moral here is: Don’t mistreat your help, even if they’re robots.

||| Watch: The video for “I Know You Want My Love”

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