Video: Dzang, ‘I Know You’re in Love With Me’


“3G,” the third album from electronic necromancer Dzang, is like opening a series of unmarked doors, each revealing a different shade of cool. Mastermind Adam Gunther has played in indie-rock bands and scored films, and since 2014 he has experimented in cinematic, down-tempo electonica, gradually incorporating vocals into his compositions. Interspersed with instrumental jams, New Age-y synth discourses and assorted soundtracks to staring at the ocean from high on a hill, “3G” features vocals on the half the tracks, and predictably the guests come from all over the spectrum: Rapper Don Christian on “My Name (Nana);” Estonian siren Maria Minerva on “C’mon” and “Deepest Darkest;” L.A. folk-pop singer Olivia Jane Kaplan on “On the Phones” and Dzang’s remade version of “I Know You’re in Love With Me;” and rock ’n’ soul guy Maxim Ludwig (pillow-talking, then whisper-crooning) on “So Young.” Gunther made the album with instrumental contributions from Henry Kwapis, Georgia Lill, Mike Bjella, Tyler Cash and Jorge Andre. At every turn, Dzang is coming at you from left field — stretching, twisting, processing, slicing, warming, chilling, sculpting — but what holds “3G” together is its general soothing ambience. The view is great from Dzang’s shade.

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||| Live: Dzang plays Wednesday night at the Hi Hat, along with Cones and Maxim Ludwig. Tickets.

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