Video premiere: Nyxe, ‘Get Down’

Nyxe (Photo by Zoe Ruth Erwin)
Nyxe (Photo by Zoe Ruth Erwin)

Nyxe is the nom de tune of L.A. singer-songwriter Pam Shaffer, who has moved from one musical land of enchantment to another. On two albums and two EPs released under her own name, she explored dark and often whimsical chamber-pop; Nyxe’s synth-splashed dream-pop is equally touched by faeries, albeit those who have a handle on bass music and trip-hop. So from the songwriter who imagines herself as “space witch singing lullabies from sunken pirate ships” comes the single “Get Down,” the second song Nyxe has released since January’s debut EP, “Phases.” The video, directed by Bradford Hunter Wray, is a lusty fever dream in which nocturnal activities are serenaded by a spirit squad — here, the local dance troupe of Alysia Russo, Jen Spazmaster, Blake Harrison and Alana Fickes. It’s all the stuff of fantasy, unless somebody shouts “Go, fight win!”

||| Watch: The video for “Get Down”

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||| Live: Nyxe performs tonight at Resident, along with Drum & Lace and SPELLES. Tickets.