Video: The Mynabirds, ‘Golden Age’

The Mynabirds
The Mynabirds

Laura Burhenn didn’t wait until tiki-torch-bearing, polo-shirted hordes tried to take over a university campus in the South to express her dismay at the hate busting the seams of the United States flag. Right after the inauguration and women’s march, she took to Nashville to pen her latest album as the Mynabirds, “Be Here Now”, which is out this Friday via Saddle Creek.

Whereas her first single, “Cocoon” is a beautiful revelry of despair and looking inward to repair (with unforgettable lines like “Vesuvius, do what you will with us …”), she’s now pushed out the bright, shining new video for her next single, “Golden Age,” a sobering call to stand against hate in the wake of today’s news headlines. To quote: “My heart’s full of love / And all kinds of peace / But I think even I / Could punch a Nazi / In the face.”

To quote the great R.E.M., “stand in the place where you live” and “the place where you are” (unless it is between cars) and watch this off-kilter but on-point video, directed by Jason Lester.

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