Video: The Fresh & Onlys, ‘One Of A Kind’

The Fresh And Onlys (photo by Ryan Browne)

It’s been three years since The Fresh & Onlys released an album, but Tim Cohen’s stream of output has maintained steady flow. Last year saw the release of his band Magic Trick’s “Other Man’s Blues,” an excellent album for long drives on mountaintops, and earlier this year Sinderlyn released his solo record, “Luck Man.” Now there’s “Wolf Lie Down,” which came out last Friday (Sinderlyn), and was co-created with longtime Fresh & Onlys bandmate Wyman Miles. The duo played almost all the instruments on it, bringing in former members Shayde Sartin, Kyle Gibsonon, James Kim and tourmate James Kim to contribute some of their flair for psyched-up art-rock.

The song “One Of A Kind” is like a noir-Western lullaby that could soundtrack a horse chase or be sung to a baby, and then it’s capped off with a 1 1/2-minute ambient guitar vortex. In the Ryan Browne-directed video, this part of the song is paired with the band passing an invisible ball of energy from hand to hand. Also, there’s a baby flying through outer space.

||| Watch: “One Of A Kind”

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