Stream: Curtis Harding, ‘Wednesday Morning Atonement’

Curtis Harding (Photo by Matthew Correia)
Curtis Harding (Photo by Matthew Correia)

Curtis Harding’s new single “Wednesday Morning Atonement” is not his usual dance-floor groove but is perhaps a prime example of why he is one of the most interesting artists to come out of the retro-soul revival. His brand of music, which he calls “sloppin’ soul” — is not necessarily beholden to all the tried-and-true themes of the genre. Produced by Danger Mouse, the bluesy burner “Wednesday Morning Atonement” finds the 38-year-old singer lamenting over a simple progression. “The song is a double-entendre,” he told the FADER, where the song premiered. “In a literal sense it’s about an estranged father who for whatever reason was not able to be present in his family’s life. Also, the business of music can sometimes pull you away from the art of making it. So metaphorically it’s a story about a musician, and in theory his songs are his children. It was also recorded on a Wednesday.”

The song is the lead track on the Atlanta-based singer’s sophomore album, “Face Your Fear,” out Oct. 27 via Anti- Records. It was made in Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Studio, with production by the singer, Danger Mouse and am Cohen.

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