Photos: Frankie Cosmos at the Echoplex

Frankie Cosmos at the Echoplex (Photo by Jessica Hanley)
Frankie Cosmos at the Echoplex (Photo by Jessica Hanley)

New York quartet Frankie Cosmos wound up a West Coast tour on Sunday night at the sold-out Echoplex, where the heat wave and camaraderie shared the spotlight with the headliner’s music. Greta Kline and gang played songs from their full-lengths “Next Thing” and “Zentropy” — including “Young,” “Being Alive,” “My I Love You,” “Outside with the Cuties,” “Is It Possible/Sleep Song,” “Fool,” “Duet” and “Buses Splash with Rain” — and invited supporting bands Iji and Alyeska on stage to sing a verse of “Being Alive.” Before performing “Young,” Kline explained that “this song is about doing something bad and thinking your parents are going to be mad at you but they end up not being.” And during “My I Love You,” she pointed, one by one, to members of her band.

Seattle’s Iji punctuated their set with a comment about how fun their dates with Frankie Cosmos had been, while Alyeska opened the night with songs from their “Crush” EP and new singles, as well as a mild complaint about having to shower three times a day because of the heat.

Photos by Jessica Hanley