Stream: Holy Wars, ‘Back to Life’

Holy Wars
Holy Wars

Hot on the heels of Holy Wars’ “Mother” EP comes the other half of songwriter Kat Leon’s two-part catharsis: “Mother Father,” arriving Nov. 2. The six-song volley lays bare the emotions — grief, helplessness, anger — Leon negotiated after the passing of her parents, within months of each other, in 2015. Those events inspired her to move on from her days fronting the band Sad Robot and into music that’s more heavy and raw, channeling her palpable ferocity in a different way. The ghosts of ’90s grunge and alt-rock must be smiling at the new single “Back to Life,” a seething anthem that finds Leon screaming the emotional scars away. Harsh/tender, loud/soft, heavy/delicate — these are the sounds of Holy Wars taking the battle one deep breath at a time.

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||| Live: Holy Wars perform Sept. 11 at the Satellite as part of New Language’s residency.

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