Video: Shannon Lay, ‘Coast’

Shannon Lay

“The first time I saw Shannon [Lay] my heart was broken into a million pieces,” says Kevin Morby, describing a small show where the Feels guitarist performed her solo material. Just a gal and her guitar, with a projection of Bart Simpson backing her up. “Suddenly Shannon, an acquaintance from around town, had exposed her super power and I felt instantly star-struck in her presence.” Morby was inspired to put out Lay’s new album, “Living Water,” as the first release on his label, Mare Records (a Woodsist imprint). It comes out Sept. 22 and is Lay’s second LP of 2017, following “All This Life Goin’ Down,” released in February. Recorded by Cairo Gang’s Emmet Kelly in his Los Angeles home studio, the album collects thoughts whispered between Lay and her guitar.

For the “Coast” video, the songwriter visited one of L.A.’s most whimsical coastal attractions, the Redondo Beach pier, home to the Fun Factory, a wonderful, dilapidated arcade (soon-to-be-replaced-by-a-mall) and Tony’s On The Pier, a treasured beach-front bar. Combined with the beautiful ocean views, the setting offers Lay an escape for soul-reflection.

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