Stream: Spencer Ludwig, ‘Got Me Like’

Spencer Ludwig (Photo by David Roemer)
Spencer Ludwig (Photo by David Roemer)

There’s something about brass. Spencer Ludwig gained attention as the show-stealing trumpeter in Capital Cities and since has segued into a solo career with a nifty stick-figure logo and a penchant for alligator shoes. He’s got the chops of a jazz player and the falsetto of a teen idol, and since he’s signed to Warner Bros, he’s worked with a strong writing and production team in unveiling his first batch of singles, all very à la mode pop.

Ludwig explains his process this way: “I approach my vocal lines the same way that I approach the trumpet. The instrument influences everything. For me, it’s a key to the soul. It’s straight to the heart. I wanted to articulate myself in that. What I do is pop celebration music, but the trumpet adds an element of depth. I realized I could still incorporate that improvisation.”

Ludwig’s latest party jam is “Got Me Like,” which embraces his mantra that “everything is inspired by a live moment.” Did we mention there was something about brass?

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