Video: Freedom Fry, ‘Party Down’

Freedom Fry (Photo by Michelle Shiers)
Freedom Fry (Photo by Michelle Shiers)

Since they got together more than five years ago, husband-and-wife team Freedom Fry have issued single after single (after single after single) of catchy, sprightly indie-pop, the kind of songs that are never out of fashion on mixtapes, or in TV shows, films and commercials. Heck, they could make a natural disaster sound upbeat (oops, they did — see “Shaky Ground”), and the duo of Bruce Driscoll and Marie Seyrat-Driscoll show no signs of slowing down. Their new EP is titled “Strange Attraction,” out this week, and it’s their fifth (despite their deep catalog, they’ve never released a full-length). Unlike a lot of duos doing indie-pop, the Driscolls eschew electronic gimmickry, leaving that to the remixers, in favor of good ol’ hooks and nimble vocal interplay. That said, ticklish synths take a more prominent role in the L.A. duo’s new single “Party Down,” which has kind of a White Town vibe. “‘Party Down’ is a song about getting through the grind of your daily life and wanting to make the good times last longer,” the band says, “having the foresight when you’re in a good moment to realize that once it’s over you’re going to miss it.” Speaking of good times, director Michelle Shiers’ video for the song was filmed at that Hollywood haven of kitsch, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s. Party down, indeed.

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