Ears Wide Open: The Entire Universe

The Entire Universe (Photo by Jenna Putnam)
The Entire Universe (Photo by Jenna Putnam)

Virtually any astral explorations in rock are in good hands with Jeffertitti Moon, aka Jeffertitti, aka Jeff Ramuno, the singer-guitarist who’s played with bands big and small and released three albums as Jeffertitti’s Nile, the last in 2014. For his next act, he becomes on The Entire Universe, and why not? His forthcoming solo album was a DIY affair — live, he’s joined by Evan Snyder and Eric Lodwick — and is coming via Union Zero. Last week, just before the trio kicked off their September residency, the Entire Universe unveiled the debut single, “Revolving Sun,” a 1-minute, 45-second jaunt in the Wayback Machine to the ’60s British Invasion with a touch of Nixon-era glam. Wait, though, isn’t it the earth that revolves around the sun?

||| Stream: “Revolving Sun”

||| Live: The Entire Universe plays the Monday night residency in September at Zebulon Café. The shows are free.