Stream: Chelsea Wolfe, ‘The Culling’

Chelsea Wolfe (photo by Bill Crisafi)

On “The Culling,” a foreboding, six-minute dark storm of a song, Chelsea Wolfe embraces the nuances and turmoil of her inner world. She says, “I’m at odds with myself, exploring different characters, comparing war stories … desperation, withdrawal, clarity, disgust, grief.” The song slowly builds on a haunting melody until reaching a boiling point, erupting with dramatic distortion, then simmers on the repetition of four words, “flux,” “hiss,” “welt” and “groan,” which to her symbolize positive and negative life forces. She says, “There is a sense of feeling like a vulnerable mess, but giving into that and turning it into some kind of beautiful decadence; becoming stronger through accepting the mess of yourself…accepting that you’re this feral creature full of instincts, cycles, rage and love.”

“Hiss Spun,” Chelsea Wolfe’s sixth album, arrives Sept. 22 on Sargent House.

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||| Live: Chelsea Wolfe performs Sept. 30 at the Regent Theater. Tickets.

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