Premiere: Yume, ‘Before I Fade Away’


L.A. quartet Yume debuted earlier this year with the EP “A Violet Light & a Hum,” which showcased an upbeat/downcast sound they call “dreamo.” It’s kind of an Americanized twist on the affected British indie music of the ’90s, again found thumping confidently on the foursome’s new single “Before I Fade Away.” The band — Ray Venta and Kenzo Cardenas (both ex-Kid Cadaver) along with Nikita Arefkia and Charlie Crowley — worked with producer Frankie Siragusa on their new music, which includes the B-side “Mellu” (being teased Wednesday) and is out Friday. Drenched in jangling guitar topped by Arefkia’s cherub vocals, “Before I Fade Away” tackles one of those make-up-your-mind moments in a relationship, culminating in a noisy affirmation, the protagonist declaring in a shout-along chorus “I will wait for you.” Rough edges and all, it’s endearing.

||| Stream: “Before I Fade Away”

||| Live: Yume performs Friday at Lot 1 Café along with Blushh and Bearcats.