Stream: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, ‘To Feel Your Best’

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

On “To Feel Your Best,” Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith meditates on dying, but it’s not a sad song. She interprets the notion that “parting is such sweet sorrow” by emphasizing the sweet part of being present in the moment. She sings, “I’m gonna wake up one day and you won’t physically be there / And even though I know that it’s all perspective / I wanna soak up the sight of you, that’s why I stare.” In her hands, electronics evoke the feeling of nature, being outside, spring on a coastal paradise, while in some sort of hologram on a spaceship (perhaps the Holodek of the Enterprise). Her multiplied voice coasts through layers of synthesized sounds like spiderwebs floating through the air in clear cool weather. It’s a song about the life cycle from birth to death and rebirth, and the last two ethereal minutes essentially bring you to the end with a feeling of beginning painted by the soft, flute-like synth melody. Smith’s new album, “The Kid,” arrives Oct. 6 on Western Vinyl.

||| Stream: “To Feel Your Best”

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