Stream: The Unending Thread, ‘Valley Brat (feat. DJ Bundst)’

The Unending Thread
The Unending Thread

Who let the ravers into the Unending Thread’s party? Clocking in at just under 4 minutes, the new single from the San Fernando guitar-slingers lands somewhere between the deftly coordinated harmonics of math-rock contemporaries like Tera Melos and Little Tybee, and the cheeky art-pop antics of … dare we say Grimes? With a contribution from DJ Bundst of candied synth lines running parallel to the song’s bright guitar strata, “Valley Brat” evokes memories of suburban boredom and how to supersede it with a groovy collab in the garage. “Valley Brat” comes to you from the Redacted Summer Mixtape (Vol. 2), which also includes an inventive entry from Fun Game, a Thundercat-esque interlude from Genevieve Artadi, a blast of emo ’90s from Chatrooms and a soulful scorcher by Roger Hallaway. You can stream the whole thing for free via Bandcamp, or grab a cassette at the next Redacted Collective event.

||| Stream: “Valley Brat’

||| Also: Stream the whole mixtape here.