Stream: Sure Sure, ‘Hands Up Head Down’

Sure Sure
Sure Sure

The latest single from L.A. quartet Sure Sure is the sound of a panic attack in a nightclub. It’s also the sound of synth-pop getting knocked off its axis: a bass line that belongs in a “Pink Panther” cartoon, treacly piano that could have been played by a cat walking across the keyboard, a buzzing blast of synth from a car-chase scene and a Bee Gees-in-a-video-game chorus. From these disparate parts, the band — Chris Beachy, Kevin Farzad, Charlie Glick and Michael Coleman, who continue to sound like virtually nobody else out there — create a left-field pop nugget that’s almost comical in its neurosis. “Try to run, but I’m molasses / Frozen here in the center / Everyone laughs and laughs and laughs.” It’s the reason one seeks liquid courage in certain social settings, and here even the bartender can’t help.

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||| Live: Sure Sure play Friday night at the Satellite, along with Karen Kilgariff and Huxlee. Tickets. They also open for Hippo Campus at the Fonda Theatre on Jan. 26.

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