Video: BOYO, ‘Insomnia’

BOYO (Photo by Julien Kelly-Gross)
BOYO (Photo by Julien Kelly-Gross)

The video for the new BOYO track “Insomnia” is akin to a voyeuristic scroll through your daily social media feeds, only creepier, not to mention sadder. The Nathan Castiel-directed narrative finds BOYO mastermind Robert Tilden stealing into the homes of three people to install surveillance cameras, then retiring to his van to watch the strange strangers — portrayed by Robert Rexx, Monique Lukens and Craig C. Chen — engaged in weird rituals.

The song is from BOYO’s forthcoming album “Me, Again,” the follow-up to 2016’s “Control.” Tilden is all of 20, but his warped, DIY meditations are imbued with the sadness and regret of somebody three times his age. The album will be released Jan. 19 via Danger Collective Records.

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