Stream: Morrissey, ‘Spent the Day in Bed’


Is it morose or is it hopeful? Morrissey recently revealed that he “Spent the Day in Bed,” the new track off his upcoming album, “Low in High School,” produced by Joe Chiccarelli and mastered by Emily Lazar at Lodge Mastering assisted by Chris Allgood, to be released on Nov. 17 via his newly launched label Etienne.

“Spent the Day in Bed” introduces itself on simple terms, a spiffy Moog-ish keyboard riff that expands to spacey effects before hip-swaying guitars, bass and drums from Morrissey’s solid band waft their way in, making one rather want to dance on the bed. Don’t let the song’s title and initial simplicity fool you, however. While Morrissey expounds on how enamored he is with his sheets, he shares a profound message about his take on dealing with modern life being such rubbish.

Instead of making “World Peace” any of his business, Morrissey proposes a massive “Bed-In” á la John and  Yoko, wherein we “Stop watching the news” (fake or real) and instead follow Timothy Leary’s call for humanity to “Turn on, tune in, drop out,” that is, retain our sanity and humanity by pulling the covers over our heads (without our cellphones), tuning out the noise of moment-to-moment national and world calamities (or at least take a break), and disengage not only from the constant barrage of news but also to outright resist the 9-to-5 day-job existence. Moz is here to explain that it’s all part of the same system to keep us enslaved and scared out of our wits. The alternative, be our own boss and spend the day in bed.

||| Stream: “Spent the Day in Bed”

||| Live: Morrissey plays the Hollywood Bowl on Nov. 10 (sold out) and Nov. 11 (tickets).