Video premiere: Slowkiss, ‘Empty Eyes’


Coed quartet Slowkiss, who landed in L.A. earlier this year from their native Santiago, Chile, finally have a release date for their new EP, “Ultaviolet.” It’ll be out Oct. 27, with a vinyl version arriving in January. Theirs is the menacing but melodic sound of the ’90s — rumbling drums, surging guitars and biting lyrics delivered with a roar. Yet unlike many others reviving that big, beautiful noise (locals Ramonda Hammer and Velvet come to mind), Slowkiss have more of a punk-rock sensibility: Only one of their songs clocks in at more than 2 1/2 minutes. Which brings us to director Andres Larrain’s video for the new song “Empty Eyes.” It’s the kind of thing you’d see in the ’90s as well, with the band (Elisa Froti, Vicky Cordero, Matías Acuña and Ignacio Villagrán) getting in your face in front of a colorful backdrop. And two minutes later, you’re wanting more.

||| Watch: The video for “Empty Eyes”

||| Live: Slowkiss plays Oct. 19 and Nov. 11 at the Viper Room, and Oct. 20 and Nov. 9 at the Five Star Bar.

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