Photos: Haunted Summer at The Hi Hat

Haunted Summer at the Hit Hat (Photo by Maximilian Ho)
Haunted Summer at the Hit Hat (Photo by Maximilian Ho)

There were friends, family and spirit guides — not to mention the album “Spirit Guides” — Saturday night at the Hi Hat, where Haunted Summer celebrated the long-awaited release of their debut album of that name.  With a liquid light show turning the venue into a visually viscous wonderland, John Seasons, Bridgette Moody and gang revealed their dream-pop-cum-psychedelia incantations one by one, drenching the room in layered guitars and synths topped by Moody’s angelic vocals. Intermittently thanking everybody who helped their album along the way, Haunted Summer wound up the show with a rain of beautiful noise, the nine-minute title track.

Bodies of Water, Livingmore and Avi Buffalo preceded the headliners in what ended up being an impressive showcase of artists from the neighborhood. 

Photos by Maximilian Ho