Stream: Ghostel, ‘Buckley Get Your Gun’

Ghostel (Photo by Colin Coleman)
Ghostel (Photo by Colin Coleman)

The first music from Ghostel emerged in 2014, although the project was relegated to the back burner owing to the principals’ other work demands — which may or may not have included studio work for a TV composer, engineering for other bands, a fledgling pizza business or rehab. Although the last one is probably, to use a band term, a “tangential fib.” Anyway, what originally was conceived as an EP has blossomed into a full-length album. The trio — Bryce Buckmaster and the husband-and-wife team of Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer — cover a lot of fun sonic territory on the album, titled “1414.”

Mix some reverb-laden girl-group with a little soul/gospel vocal stylings and occasionally ratchet it up to full-on noise (Knowles was once guitarist and engineer for U.K. shoegazers Amusement Parks on Fire), and you get an idea. Fans of the Raveonettes, for one, will like it. “Buckley Get Your Gun” is Ghostel’s first official single — it already found a home in the trailer of the Oscar-winning film “Mustang.” The band told Impose magazine, where the song premiered, that “Buckley was a real figure from our past, and the song at least partially describes an experience he had, albeit with some added color and tangential fibs thrown in for good measure.”

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