Ears Wide Open: JOME


My inbox is filled with JOME. Well, not JOME — the duo of L.A. songwriter Jesse Marc and New Orleans writer-producer Christoph Andersson — but jome, a word invented here to encompass the amorphous mass of perfectly suitable, professionally done, well-coiffed synth-charmers dominating the pop marketplace, Hype Machine and Spotify playlists of people who type “omg!” 30 times a day. From a distance, jome is a radiant bouquet of flowers, easy on the senses, until you get close and find out they’re wax.

You will probably like JOME, whose debut album “Tunnels” comes out Nov. 3. Despite some lyrical clunkers, their singles have an opaque uplift that might get your through some tough times. After a rough day and a rougher night, “Crystalline” might snap you back to a safe space. “Concrete” might make the world less monotone. “Snow” might crystallize your feelings about a long-lost love, or soundtrack that scene in a movie that makes you tear up. If your love for modern synth-pop runs so deep that you can tell JOME from the rest of the jome, then it’s red roses for you.

||| Stream: “Crystalline,” “Concrete” and “Snow”