Stream: Buyepongo, “Sueltan Fuego”


Every so often an artist comes around and reminds you that live music is more than just an arms-crossed, head-nod invocation for the bespectacled too-cool-for-school crowd. The art of motion starts with having a strong backbone, and what Buyepongo brings to the dancefloor with their effusive percussion and bilingual call-and-response will stand you right up and make you wish you had a little rhythm as you sidle towards the club’s undulating center. “Sueltan Fuego” is the latest offering in Buyepongo’s mirage of tropical sundries, like perusing your local bodega and skimming through a rainbow of merengue, cumbia, Afrobeat and reggaeton, all arranged artfully on the shelves for you to examine with childlike wonder — until you’ve been there for 45 minutes and just decide to get one of each. “Buyangu,” the name of Buyepongo’s distinct musical style, operates like a metal detector on the beach, picking out the most special elements from endless stretches of coastal culture and combining them into something priceless. Buyepongo’s new EP, “Tumbalo,” the follow-up to their 2016 debut “Todo Mundo,” arrives on Nov. 10.

||| Stream: “Sueltan Fuego”

||| Live: Buyepongo plays Nov. 10 at Zebulon Café, along with Subsuelo. Tickets. They also play the Tropicalia Festival at Queen Mary Park in Long Beach on Nov. 11. Tickets.