Video premiere: Brenda Carsey, ‘Sad, Sad Moon’

Brenda Carsey (Photo by Mathew Tucciarone)
Brenda Carsey (Photo by Mathew Tucciarone)

Brenda Carsey is an L.A.-based singer-songwriter whose soulful pop is often as startlingly forthright as it is effortlessly melodious. She released her first full-length album, “Solitary Refinement,” this summer, and the second single, “Sad, Sad Moon,” tackles an issue that often hides in plain sight: depression.

The new video for the haunting, string-drenched ballad, filmed by Jon Chetrit, unfolds in a familiar scenario, a house party, but it reveals how easy it is to overlook a person who, as Carsey sings, “is going through the motions.” Or maybe you’ve been that person — miserable but silent, cloaking your feelings behind affectations. “It’s a journey between two realities,” Carsey says. “On the one side, genuine happiness in a social setting with good friends. On the other side, being detached and experiencing your own mental darkness amidst fun times and people who love you. … We rarely admit we are unhappy, we rarely ask for help. And this indeed takes its toll. Let’s stop the taboo and break the silence.”

It’s a potent reminder that communication — the honest kind — is often the light.

||| Watch: The video for “Sad Moon”

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||| Live: Brenda Carsey will be doing a residency at Harvard & Stone every Tuesday night in November.