Photos: The Drums at the Fonda Theatre

The Drums at the Fonda Theatre (Photo by Jessica Hanley)
The Drums at the Fonda Theatre (Photo by Jessica Hanley)

The reaction to the Drums’ new album “Abysmal Thoughts” was anything but abysmal on Thursday night at the Fonda Theatre. It was the first of three nights for Jonny Pierce and his touring bandmates at the Fonda, and the band performed seven songs off the new album, the Drums’ fourth and basically a Pierce solo record (co-founder Jacob Graham left the band in 2016).

Pierce, wearing the title of the new album on back of his jumpsuit, played to the fans up front, who screamed in admiration and yelled “You’re an inspiration” and “I love you.” Some old favorites, including “Days, Money” and “I Need a Doctor” made their way into the show, which lasted an hour and 20 minutes and included an eight-song encore.

Aussie indie-rockers Methyl Ethel kicked off the night with a dimly lit but energetic set.

The Drums wind up their three-night stand at the Fonda tonight.

The Drums setlist: I’ll Fight For Your Life, Best Friend, Book of Stories, Days, Heart Basel, Let’s Go Surfing, Money, I Need a Doctor, How It Ended, Blood Under My Belt. Encore: It Will All End In Tears, What You Were, Rich Kid$, Head of the Horse, Mirror, Down By the Water, Under the Ice, If He Likes It Let Him Do It

Photos by Jessica Hanley