Video: DeQn Sue, ‘Piñata’

Deqn Sue

“I heard a shot fired, it was meant for me, but it just missed me by an inch,” chants DeQn Sue, offering listeners a useful mantra to repel haters with the power of alternative pop. Its accompanying stop-motion video highlights the songwriter’s ability to have fun even when she’s dissing the disser. Sue’s second full-length album, “Juggernaut,” was released in September on her own label, The Pink Donut Shop, in conjunction with Grammy-nominated co-producer Kelvin Wooten’s label, Woodaworx. The two also collaborated on her 2014 full-length “Zeitgeist,” and her “Snack” EP.

By the way, the Alabama-born, Los Angeles-based artist pronounces DeQn like “deacon,” a nod to Sgt. David “Deacon” Kay from the ’70s cop TV show “S.W.A.T.,” aka her real-life father, Rod Perry. “Sue” refers to her mother, Susan. Family matters.

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