Video: Ugly Sweaters, ‘Sisters’

Ugly Sweaters (Photo by Zach Johnston)
Ugly Sweaters (Photo by Zach Johnston)

The unhinged garage-pop of L.A. quartet Ugly Sweaters is the work of husband-and-wife duo Mandla and Claire Daley backed by the rhythm section Alex Pfender and Ian Meltzer. They titled their 2016 EP “Dancing Shoes” with good reason — comfy footwear seems a prerequisite for its seven songs of retro pop-punk. The quartet returned last week with the new single “Sisters,” a funny two minutes of sibling conflict: You’re with one sister but in love with the other, and confusion ensues. Zach Johnston’s sealed-with-a-kiss video for the song embodies Ugly Sweaters’ DIY ethos; it was shot in 25 minutes in the band’s garage rehearsal space. We imagine there’s a sign posted somewhere that reads: “No inhibitions allowed.”

||| Watch: The video for “Sisters”

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