Premiere: K.I.D, ‘Boy’ (reprise)

K.I.D (Photo by Alex Evans)
K.I.D (Photo by Alex Evans)

K.I.D are the Canadian duo of Kara Lane and Bobby Lo, who make candy-coated garage-pop songs whose sugar rush often overshadows their serious themes. Depression, anxiety, sex and suburban malaise underlie their bouncy party patter, which includes the “Poster Child” EP, released early this year, and follow-up singles including “Happy When I Cry” (and its video of a dancing baby). The EP version of “Boy” is a power-pop starburst showcasing Lane’s bold vocals, but K.I.D’s stripped-down take on the song gets to its chewy emotional center.

“At surface value, ‘Boy’ is a song about teenage biological urges and suburban sexcapades,” the duo says. “At its core, though, the track is about seeking escape through intimacy. When you’re a young person caught in the midst of personal or family turmoil, getting mixed up with delinquent boys can serve as a welcome distraction from grim truths attached to growing up. … The song was written on the last day of summer 2015, as we reminisced about boys we’ve kissed in drive-thrus, bar bathrooms and public parks.”

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