Stream: Vowws, ‘Forget Your Finery’

Vowws (photo by Jesse Draxler)

There’s a little more pop in the darkness of Vowws‘ first single from the duo’s upcoming album, “Under The World,” to be released in February by Anti-Language Records. The foreboding edge of 2015’s “The Great Sun” remains, but Matt and Rizz turn gloom and doom into their version of party music. “We aim to write pop music with angst,” explains Rizz. “Songs that have emotional depth but would also crush in the next ‘Terminator’ film.” Matt adds that the new album holds some genre-blending surprises. He says, “This time round we wanted to add more elements of different styles & sounds, and go beyond what we did for ‘The Great Sun.’ We’ve always loved surf-rock, grunge, western, pop… we love mixing elements of our favorite influences, while still trying to make it sound like nothing else.”

||| Stream: “Forget Your Finery”

||| Live: Vowws DJs at Bar Sinister on Nov. 18.

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