Video premiere: Jackie Highway, ‘Armchair Dreaming’

Jackie Highway
Jackie Highway

Angie Shyr is a singer-songwriter who plays piano and violin and works under the name Jackie Highway, crafting whimsical songs that cross genre boundaries and generally follow her flights of fancy. The daughter of scientists, she has released a handful of singles showcasing her playful narrative style, including “Armchair Dreaming,” which is just as its title suggests: a reverie about the distance between the real and the imagined.

Directed by Gilbert Trejo and Frankie Latina, the video for the song finds Jackie Highway directing body-suited dancers and string players while twirling in an armchair. “My inspiration for the video was through the song’s creamy center — to pass around the promise of beauty and your greatest soul’s hopes, individually and collectively,” she says. “I had written some chicken scratch like, ‘O turntable turntable, wherefore art thou turntable? Deny thy grooves and refuse them mp4s … music pure irie with many sweet returns. Come now 2017, SLOW IT DOWN.’ And ideas spun from there.

“Basically, Gilbert, Frankie and I got on the same space carrier and landed on a new Outro-Elsewhere,” she continues. “Originally, we were planning to engage a real plane with inventive air traffic (like paper airplanes), but weather challenges serendipitously entombed us into this holy otherness, which gave rise, instead, to a most resplendent polychroma inheritance.”

||| Watch: the video for “Armchair Dreaming”

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