Premiere: Watch for Horses, ‘San Junipero’

Watch for Horses
Watch for Horses

Norwalk quartet Watch for Horses have been making their Strokes- and Smiths-inspired indie-rock since 2011, having released two EPs and paid their dues playing in clubs on both sides of the Orange/Los Angeles county line (plus a short stint on the Warped Tour). The band — Joshua Borja, Julian Chavez, Bryant Genuino and Ralph Tafoya — has been working on a follow-up to 2016’s “Maladaptive Daydream” in Fullerton’s Music Box Studios with production/engineering assistance from Joshua Brooks, Jon O’Brien and Francois Comtois. And “San Junipero” is their second single this year.

“San Junipero” finds Watch for Horses combining their laid-back West Coast feel with an insistent groove, bouncing merrily toward romantic bliss. The song, the band says, actually originated “from an episode of the show ‘Black Mirror.’ The storyline followed this relationship between these two girls who are so inherently different. Something about the idea of opposites attracting sounded really fun to me when we wrote this song.”

The single is out Friday via L.A.’s Wiretap Records.

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||| Live: Watch for Horses play a free show Nov. 13 at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, along with Royaljag.