Stream: Cones, ‘Later’

Cones (Photo by Skylar Dahan)
Cones (Photo by Skylar Dahan)

Brothers Jonathan and Michael Rosen, working as Cones, craft airy, melodic indie-pop that doesn’t make you doubt for a second that there were Bee Gees moments in their childhood. The San Francisco-bred, L.A.-based duo today released a new dose of bedroom disco titled “Later,” a breakup song that straddles the space between recovery and regret. “I wrote ‘Later’ a few years ago when I was moving back home to California from New York,” Jonathan says. “I finished it on Highway 1. It captures that moment in a breakup when you finally start to find peace, but some of that bitterness is still hanging around. It was originally a bit somber, but Michael and I realized it worked pretty well as a dance track so we went for it.”

The single came out today as part of L.A.-based Dangerbird Records’ monthly Microdose series. It’s the fourth single the duo has released this year.

||| Stream: “Later”

||| Live: Cones perform Nov. 17 at Dangerbird Records’ HQ as part of the monthly Microdose series. They also play Dec. 7 at the Moroccan Lounge along with Midnight Sister and Duk. Tickets.

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