Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 84)

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Buzz Bands LA’s Greatest Hits … This Week returns for for its 84th installment, with a lip-smacking two dozen songs from artists we covered recently on these pages. Included: Oddnesse, Mansions on the Moon, Livingmore, s//p (Slip), Emerson Star, Velvet, Lone Kodiak, SPELLES, Robert Francis, Sofia Wolfson and more. Put your earbuds in, stream, rinse, repeat. Oh, and find info on the artists in the links below.

S//p (Slip), “Head on Backwards”
Emerson Star, “Wasted”
Lone Kodiak, “Someone Else’s Future”
Loyal Lobos, “Dirt”
Vowws, “Forget Your Finery”
Saro, “Vapor”
Oddnesse, “I Used To”
Sofia Wolfson, “Snake Eyes”
Robert Francis, “The Magic”
Watch for Horses, “San Junipero”
Warbly Jets, “Shapeshifter”
Velvet, “Even If We Tried”
Kenneth Aaron Harris, “Something”
Livingmore, “Gone Too Fast”
Cassandra Violet, “Invisible Man”
SPELLES, “Teach Me How to Pray”
Ugly Sweaters, “Sisters”
Mansions on the Moon, “Spirits”
Cones, “Later”
DeQn Sue, “Shook Up”
Brenda Carsey, “Sad, Sad Moon”
LVLS, “Empath Bubblebath”
Jackie Highway, “Armchair Dreaming”

Not on Soundcloud, but worth your while:

Superchunk, “What a Time to Be Alive”
La Bouquet, “Kiss Me, Kill Me”
Inara George, “Young Adult”
Los Angeles Police Department, “Spent”
K.I.D, “Boy”
Jesse Rutherford, “Drama”
New Evil, “Pale Skin Latin Girls”