Premiere: I Hate You Just Kidding, ‘Constellations’

I Hate You Just Kidding
I Hate You Just Kidding

Where does the time go? Get married and have kids, Jeremy and Jessi Brock would tell you, then you’ll know. It was 2011 when the duo released “Days Grow Longer,” their debut full-length under the name I Hate You Just Kidding. They started work on a follow-up, only to have life get in the way. Fast-forward five years and the songs they wrote in 2011 and ’12 have taken shape as the album “Constellations,” due Feb. 2. It was made with co-producer/engineer Jon O’Brien’s at the latter’s Music Box Studio in Fullerton and finds the couple, not surprisingly, picking up where they left off, making gently shoegazing intoxicants. The title track twinkles behind Jessi Brock’s plaintive vocals, a soundtrack to melancholy stargazing with Los Angeles’ many distractions in the periphery. The duo is joined in their reboot by Kevin Manwarren and Roxy Radulescu (both of whom play in TUFT) and Greg Anderson (with whom Jeremy plays in Fellow Bohemian). “When was the last time / you looked at the sky?” Jessi Brock asks in “Constellations.” Well, now that you mention it …

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