Stream: Nicky Blitz, ‘Blast Off’

Nicky Blitz
Nicky Blitz

Valley native Nick Scapa writes songs in any style where fickle winds of whimsy carry him, so no wonder he calls himself Nicky Blitz. Educated in Miami, having honed his chops as part of the production house 10K Islands and having written for Miley Cyrus and Icona Pop (among others), the multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer is now signed to Atlantic Records and churning out brash, catchy nuggets. His latest two singles could be the soundtrack to lost 1960s teen movies, dancey and retro-familiar but ready for the inevitable slew of modern remixes. There’s “Blast Off,” released in late October, which Blitz says is “a call to say, ‘I’m fucking coming, I’m going for it, and nothing will get in my way.’ It’s my mantra for being unstoppable and it can be yours too.” And last week brought the release of “Walk,” co-written with Madison Love, which manic Snapchat users might already have heard. Blitz’s single “Dynamite” was used in promos for “the Voice” earlier this year, and in sum they exhibit the work of somebody who can’t be pigeonholed. But if you were an early Nicky Blitz adopter and heard 2015’s “Hawk” EP, you knew that. Just enjoy the ride.

||| Stream: “Blast Off” and “Walk”

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