Premiere: Mines Falls, ‘My New House’

Mines Falls
Mines Falls

Mines Falls is the brother duo of Carson and Erik Lund, who make slo-mo piano ballads that creep across the silver screen of emotions like a cold front, overcast with longing. They describe the birth of the project this way: A six-year relationship collapsed; a best friend passed away; and an upright piano was inherited. That piano is somber in the song “My New House,” a sample of the duo’s forthcoming album “Nepenthe,” but with the duo’s electronic flourishes and its wistful narrative, it takes on an art-house film’s melancholy. Over simple, lulling chords, the narrative unfolds: There’s a new house, sure, and Los Angeles is fine, but “it don’t feel right without you.” Mines Falls’ windswept atmospherics accentuate the point: This house is not a home.

||| Stream: “My New House”

||| Live: Mines Falls performs Wednesday at Dirty Laundry, along with Fred Page.